Here's a list of resources you may find helpful in studying the Holy Scriptures.


Metropolitan Cantor Institute (MCI). The website of the Metropolitan Cantor Institute of the Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh. Not a Bible study site per se, but has extensive links under "Publications" to liturgical texts. The stichera for vespers and matins are especially rich in scriptural imagery. Also useful are the articles on the services of the Byzantine tradition.

The Sacred Page. Roman Catholic Bible blog written by people with vastly more education than anyone here. Kind of the inspiration for Burning Hearts.

The St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology. Run by the famous Dr. Scott Hahn. Contains Bible studies and other goodies.

In Print

Catholic Bible Dictionary (New York: Doubleday, 2009) (CBD). Contains numerous articles on things in the Bible. Very useful for finding out the hidden/symbolic meanings of certain words, or just what exactly things like centurions and Chaldea were.

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible (San Francisco: Ignatius) (ICSB). Study Bible published by Ignatius Press. Extremely useful for a variety of purposes. Drawback: The New Testament is fully published, but the complete Old Testament won't be out until 2015. Until then, it's being published in installments.

The Orthodox Study Bible (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, Inc) (OSB). Eastern Orthodox Study Bible. Not always the most accurate study Bible out there (see this article and this article, both from Orthodox perspectives), but Luke likes that it relates to the Byzantine liturgy. In Luke's opinion, best used in conjunction with the ICSB. If you have to make a choice between the OSB and ICSB, he recommends getting the ICSB and using the MCI website.

The Typicon. Right now, when Luke references the typicon, he's most likely referencing the 2014 Typicon (Byzantine Seminary Press? Pittsburgh, PA, 2013), though there's a slight chance he's referencing the Common Typicon (Eastern Christian Publications? Pittsburgh, PA, 2001). This provides useful information about the services of the Byzantine Church, but for our purposes is mainly useful for finding out what readings are prescribed for a given day.

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